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Retain separate copies of your work at each stage of development for assessment. Prepare an individual Business report (100D words) based on one of the options below to
inform the manager so that the manager can decide. As part of the report you will include some data in a table and graph form. Include some information from three other online
sources. Nata: MWWWW such as Inc-vino client server information systems to cloud service provider. Option 1 — You choose the technology topic {trainer approved). Prepare a report for your manager recommending the benefits of a technology. You can
choose any technology (approved by trainer] used for the benefit of the business. The
analysis will include pros and cons of the technology including the strategic bene?ts and
associated risks. Option 2 — SHE Business problem. Prepare a report for your business manager. The business manager wants to implement
new Information Systems for Payroll. Supply chain management. and Ecommerce. You will
recommend to the manager off the shetf information systems to satisfy the managers
requirements. You will include two possible solutions and compare and recommend.

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